We are the Resistance, or «What’s Next?»

History has taught us nothing. But literature, art, music, films have taught us stories – of love, heartbreak, failure, rebirth, alternatives and options.

Today I cling to my love of all this and the power of the imagination to make up, and then make real, a better world.

I think of Station Eleven, a beautiful book I read recently about the spark of life that lights anew the fire of a lost, confused humanity in times of darkness and catastrophe. That book revisits an old Star Trek motto: “survival is insufficient”. Survive we will, but we must do more. We must resist.

I think of all the artists who have showed me resilience – first and foremost my hero Bruce Springsteen, passionate defender of human stories and champion of the freedom to live, love, work. In his song ‘We Are Alive’ he quotes Cormac McCarthy’s line from The Road: “we carry the fire”. And this is what we do, friends, now more than ever we carry the fire of love, culture, tolerance, civilisation, and hope.

I said this in the days after Orlando: I stand with you my brothers and sisters, and I’m ready for the Resistance. This is now our mission: to love one another, to carry one another, to care for one another. Survival is insufficient: we must live loud and clear. We carry the fire. We shall overcome. I love you all, but I especially love my American friends today. There are still angels in America, and side by side we will continue to strive for Liberty and justice for all.

“And I bless thee: more life”.