We are on the lookout for a (local-ish) junior-to-mid-level developer to join eightysix.io right-away.

If you or someone you know wants to get into the web/app design & development industry and has at least got some WordPress/PHP experience and wants to further their career, has reliable transport and lives close enough to get to Scottburgh every day, Eighty Six are looking for a full-time in-office junior-to-mid-level code-wrangler to join the team as soon as yesterday.

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If you’re a hard worker, good match and are prepared to put in the hours, you will be able to grow into a position that allows you the opportunity to work with some pretty awesome clients on projects that…

I often get asked the above question, or derivatives thereof;

It came up in conversation 3 times last night whilst away on business in Cape Town, and so, in both an effort to get myself writing again — it’s been a while; I’ve been unable to find the time to write — and to attempt to answer the question holistically, I present the below jumble of seemingly coherent words in the form of an answer-ticle (a self-dubbed article that answers a question).

Why exactly did I (we) chose to move to Scottburgh, a small seaside town of roughly 12,000* people, away from the central hub of the South Africa’s Silicon…

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Without clear communication, the little things have a way of turning into big problems.

That’s one of the lessons I learned the hard way last year.

Because of an overwhelming accumulation of personal and internal problems, I had unintentionally damaged most of my relationships with existing clients. I knew that if I lost these clients, I’d be forced to close my company down and seek fulltime employment again.

As the father of two small boys, I have the responsibility to provide a solid foundation and a good education. As an entrepreneur I’ve come to appreciate the ability to choose what I want to work on as well as the luxury of a midday surf…

aka Connor-bums, Connor-banana, Connor-Massyou [Matthew] or lately, TERRORIST.

As I lay in bed between you and your brother last night, I couldn’t help but realise (quite scarily, I will have you know) that it was your last night ever as a two year old, yet it seems like just yesterday Mommy and I were getting the final things ready for your big arrival.

Time has gone by so quickly, and often Mommy and I joke with you and Caleb about how we wish you could stay little forever, but as I write this now, I really do wish you would.

Today, you turn three (or five, like you…

There is a definite trend towards a more personal and real internet, especially on Medium. And it’s something I wish to see more of. It’s a different kind of social. While Medium is not by any definition a social network, there is a really large social element that stands out more for me than the current social networks: the interactions are more honest and real, and I get this feeling that people can remove the mask, and be themselves, write about themselves or their ideals and views more honestly, without fear of backlash or being labelled. …

Completely bypassed that, altogether. Wow.

For the last month I have been plagued with an issue on one of my client’s production API’s that had me stumped and kept me scratching my head in confusion.

The Problem

I would wake up to an onslaught of New Relic notifications on my phone saying that the monitors that I set up were failing — we check a private API method every minute to ensure availability and that everything is running correctly — and the API was not available.

The errors were the same every single morning. The Composer autoload file would fail to load the dependancies and cause fatal errors (because of permissions). Fixing the errors was trivial, and every morning I would run the same set of commands to get it back up.

rm -rf vendor/ composer install…


Tonight was the turning point. It’s now or never. If I don’t change something, then it’s going to stay the same. And the current direction is not the right direction. It’s not the wrong direction either, it’s just not going to the places I want to be, or planned to be.

Tomorrow, starting tonight, starting right. That changes. Because I deserve better of myself.

The following is a letter to Caleb’s bunny that I’ve republished here from Jane’s FB post. This morning he said it was time to leave him at home, after all he’s “four, you know”.

Bunny, you’ve been with us from day one…

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You’ve been lost, and you’ve been found, too many times to count. We’ve driven distances to get you when you’ve been misplaced. Sometimes for days on end. You spent almost a year learning ABC’s & 123's in Caleb’s old school back in Cape Town, and you’ve even spent some time in a medievil restaurant. There was this one…

My dearest Caleb,

Four years and few weeks shy of 9 months ago we found out that Mommy was pregnant with you; That we were going to have a little baby, and boy did you rock our little world for the better.

Today, on your 4th birthday, it is very difficult for me to even comprehend what our life was like before you were born, and while it hasn’t always been easy raising you, I cannot (and don’t want to) even fathom what it would be like to live a life without you.

A day without your smile and laughter…

Byron Rode

Father. Surfer. Runner. Product Builder. Developer. Photographer. Tattoo Canvas. Head of Technology @ The Formery

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