Wake up. Roll over. Unlock. Flick, Flick, Flick. Open. Swipe down. Refresh. Swipe down. Refresh.
Marc Forrest

Some very valid points raised here.

Good luck, Marc. I think that you will find it a lot easier to let go than you thought though.

I deactivated my Facebook account just short of a year ago, and aside from the ritual/habit of always checking my phone every few minutes, or when I was bored/procrastinating/eating/etc, for a couple of days in the beginning, I haven’t felt a massive loss. I spend more time with the people I mostly interacted with on there in person, which is a plus, and I spend more time with my boys, which is a bigger plus.

Granted, I miss out on some things, and I get family asking me for pictures etc, because I don’t post those to Facebook (obviously) anymore.

Interestingly, and albeit a little different to your reasons, Rian van der Merwe tried a different method, by rather choosing his community within Facebook, and it seems to be working for him.

Personally — though it might be because I haven’t really had a chance to be “social” online, but I have found all social media to be a little disconnected lately. I spend a good hour or so of my day reading articles on Medium (normally on my phone), and if I look at Moments I see I have an average of about 2.5–3 hours a day that is spent on my phone. This includes calls, messaging etc, which isn’t that bad if I look at it over a 24-hour period.

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