The Illusion of Free

- It makes you feel happy right?


When you get access to something for free!

Oh yeah, you can’t beat that feeling !

You know what though?


Nothing is ever really free!

You lost me there now?!

Well tell me, off the top of your head, what do you use that you think is free?

Ehh…my Google account, Facebook account, Microsoft Office account, stuff like that…

Really? Do you know who Larry Page & Sergy Brin are?

The dudes from Google?

Yeah, do you know what their net fortune is worth? $44 billion….each

Mark Zukerberg?

Easy, founder of Facebook!

….he’s worth a cool $73 billion


Bill Gates, heard of him by any chance?

Oh yeah, he’s that guy that gives all his money to charity!

…and the founder of Microsoft — worth $89 billion.

Wow….those guys have done well for themselves. In fairness they have created great software products though. I’d love to create a product like, for free, and become a billionaire, how do they do it?

Let’s just say they are the smartest illusionists in the world…

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