Corruption Crisis in Latin America

There is no surprise that there is corruption in the world. There is also nothing new about corruption in Latin America. Scandals arise, people and leaders become greedy and want either more money and or more power; the problem that is caused from this is mistrust from the people. Without trust of your people, you cannot succeed.

For example, today Brazil is considered to be in worse shape than in the 1990’s. Brazilian government has the attention on them for being the causation of the country’s economic challenges. In the last six months, Brazils President has lost more the $50 billion in stocks because of scandals he has been involved with. In Brazil, Petrobras, a mostly state owned corporation contributes to the boarder problems because Latin America countries because of the close relationship corruption between major enterprises, corporate executives, and powerful politicians. One major corporation has caused corruption in not only its own business but also in politics. Corruption is everywhere and it cannot be escaped. Finance Minister Luis Vinegary and President Nieto are bot under investigation for buying expensive homes for low prices from business people who won lucrative government contracts. In Chile, Michelle Bachelet is under fire for multiple reasons but for the larger part, allowing her son to obtain government issued fire arms. To top that off, she was also allegedly involved with government deals which lead to one of the country’s biggest political scandal to happen. In Argentina, President Christina Kirchner has been accused of enriching herself while in office and being accused of being in a murder. Also corruption has been followed to organized crime and secret payments by multinational oil and mining industries to local authorities to ensure that their actions go unpunished.

There will always be corruption. There is no escaping it. That is a fact of anything and everything going on in the world, whether it be in families, businesses, big corporations, or politics, it is everywhere. People are power hungry, they want to be the more powerful person out of everyone. They also want money. They want it so no one else can have it. The problem that comes from that is, the people can no longer trust their government. They can no longer believe their government is doing something for their best interest. They can no longer believe that what is best for them, the best interest for their families, the best interest for their community and finally country, will be worked towards. The entire point of having a leader, someone who has power is to ensure that the best interest of the public and community is being met. When it is not being met then there is a problem. People want a leader that they can trust, they want someone who is going to do best by the people, and although there will always be corruption, there will never be getting away from it, there can be repercussions to leaders for being caught in a corruption act. Then at the very least the public can see that there are steps being done to lessen the corruption. If you cannot stop it completely, at least make it better in the sense of trying to stop it, to the best of the ability as anyone can.

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