Light in the darkness

So. It sucks to be alive in the world right now. But, life has always been hard. For some people it has always been hard. Let’s talk about artists.

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David by Michelangelo

Unless backed by an exorbitant amount of money, artists throughout history have struggled to make their art. The struggling artist is a stereotype that we have seen throughout history and that is because art is not seen as something essential. In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs it isn’t included in our pyramid, but some may argue that art is foundational human, in fact it lives underneath that pyramid. For me, and many other artists, this time is a time of reflection. How commercial is art your art right now? Are you holding yourself accountable to creating art and being creative every day? It is difficult, yes, but it will be more difficult if you down in the negativity of today’s reality. With technology, we are constantly sucked into this powerful vortex of consumption and find it difficult to get ourselves out. Narratives and stories that are claimed as honest and true are simply proclamations of hyperbole for the masses to panic and then consume more. In the United States, we are consumers all the time. Every second of every day, we consume media and material which then profits other people. We are constantly paying people with our time, our clicks, and our possibility of purchase that the system will convince us to spend that 59.99 on that foot massager.

Do you want to be in a system like that? You have the power to create the system that you will prosper in. You hold the power of where your time is given and how it is given. Isolation is a tricky thing because while you become lonely for connection, your internal connection with your self is forced to become stronger… more aware. I have found this to be true, have you?

Talk to me, message me, let me know how you feel about the state of our planet. Mother Nature is grateful for this break from pollution and consumption, so let’s let her heal and take time to heal ourselves in the process. Go forward, prioritize your art, save your money, and lead with light and love always. Thanks for listening to my musings.

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actor, creative, and environmental activist.

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