I just finished working as a Group Leader for the Open Jar Institute.

As I sit here in my bed watching the last season of The West Wing, I think about the idea of inspiration and endurance. I have pushed so much energy into these students that I realized teaching is a full time job. Giving knowledge and energy is a full time job, which is why I have so much respect for my past mentors and teachers that have made me who I am today. Now I sit here looking for the next thing.

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I left my job working at Apple… a stable, positive environment that I could rely on… for the opportunity to be an artist fully. That commitment is scary especially when New York constantly asks for rent and you have to be able to fund the projects you want to do.

While I’m sure others can relate to stressing over finances, but recently I’ve felt so paralyzed by finances that I am just slipping further and further into debt. Waiting for that next opportunity or better budgeting technique, but I think it comes down to saying no and doing more with less. Sometimes the best art comes from those with the highest parameters, so why not push for that.

What do you think? What do you struggle with?

If it wasn’t so hard it wouldn’t be worth it. Now, I am sitting here watching some great acting and great writing to be inspired into doing what fills me completely. Time to work for what I believe in and doing what I love with those who I love.

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actor, creative, and environmental activist. ryarmstrong.co

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