Donald Trump must Live!

Don’t kill Donald Trump! And, don’t let Donald Trump commit suicide! Really! This is something both supporters and detractors of Trump must agree upon. Donald Trump is the GOP nominee for President of the United States and the process must continue, like it or not. To kill him (remove him from the ticket) or force him to commit suicide (drop out of the race), would make him a martyr. Some have argued that this was his plan all along. Billions of dollars in free branding of Trump, all without having to serve as President.

Some believe Trump wanted the nomination “stolen” from him by arcane rules at the GOP convention. Then Trump would have a life time of yelling from the sidelines: ‘I told you so! The system is rigged! The establishment stole the election from me! I’d have been the best President!’ There are times when the headlines about comments, opinions, and slogans of Trump would derail anyone else in politics — permanently. But not the Donald.

The 2005 video interview of Trump saying he’d grab a woman a certain way and other failed ham-handed techniques of not so “Fonzi” cool methods of ensnaring women, only proved what we already knew about him. So why the outrage? Why the citation to Republican National Committee Rule #9 (filling vacancies on the ticket)? Because those who support Trump (or who are voting for him but are not endorsing him) recognize there’s no excuse for them now.

If the GOP establishment forces Trump to resign, Trump and his supporters would still frame it as a cheat, a theft, a denial of what was rightfully his. They’d be right. The GOP nomination was rightfully Trump’s. As unbelievable as it may seem, it must remain Trump’s. Democracy — voting is the process that must eliminate him.

Now might be the time to cue up Mrs. Robinson and change the lyrics to “where have you gone Ronald Reagan, John Huntsman, Colin Powell, and John Kaisich? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.“ What happened to conservativism? Less government, less taxes, less involvement in people’s lives, where did those core values go? How did it die in the electoral process? Did it die during the process of the need to win, in the anyone but Clinton froth? That is something the GOP must ask itself. Who were they screening for in the primary?

The Republican Nation Committee’s leader, Reince Priebus in the post-mortem of the Obama 2012 victory said the GOP is perceived as the rich white guy party and we need to be more inclusive. Were they? The answer is evident in the language used by Trump — the ‘I can solve everything,’ never say you’re wrong, turn the attack back on them, and facts are subjective fluid objects revealed his philosophy — and character.

Several distinguished GOP leaders have diagnosed Trump as “sick” but they must let Donald Trump die — die badly, on his own. This means he must lose the election in a landslide. Leave it to historians and psychologists to wonder who voted for him. The rules that selected him as the nominee were made by a private political party, and now it must live with that result.

This doesn’t mean America cannot compel Hillary Clinton to account for herself. It doesn’t mean going forward she gets a free ride. But isn’t this a wonderful opportunity for rational leaders from both sides to meet in the middle and start a conversation that can unite rather than divide? It’s not about a party’s victory, it’s about the country’s victories. The GOP should come with a hand extended saying, we stand for something other than Trump — other than the opposite of what Democrats want. And Hillary Clinton should extend her hand and say we can do better with your help. This indeed would make America even better again! Then Donald Trump wouldn’t die in vain.

Robert Buschel is an attorney. He is a member of the Florida and California Bars. His first novel By Secret Majority, a political thriller set in the White House was published in August 2016.