A Rededication, Not a Good-Bye

When we first started working on Bytabit there were few options for privacy maximized non-custodial peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading. Since then we have watched as Bisq and HodlHodl have risen to the challenge of providing what we had hoped to provide with Bytabit; we still think there is a place for a mobile-first and Bitcoin only solution though. As more people realize that custodial Bitcoin exchanges are a trap we expect to see even more options developed.

While implementing the Bytabit app a constant pain point was creating a full-featured cross-platform Bitcoin light-client wallet based on well supported and open-source libraries. The rise of Lightning has also made us rethink fundamentally how a mobile peer-to-peer trading app should be designed. These are two development areas we would now like to contribute to.

Instead of working on a single app we are now rededicated to becoming more active in the Bitcoin development community generally and helping in whatever ways we can.

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A Mobile, Non-Custodial Bitcoin Exchange https://github.com/bytabit

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