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Decentralized witness candidate — input requested

As we wrote about last week, we have our first decentralized witness candidate. So far the feedback has been largely positive, and many users have changed their wallet settings to include the decentralized public witnesses address. But more feedback from more users would help progress the project faster! So a reminder:

To help us decentralize faster, please take action by doing A or B:

  1. If you think the first candidate is a good choice, please update your wallet witness settings to include the new address. This takes less than one minute, as this video demonstrates.
  2. If you don’t think the candidate is a good choice, leave a comment on the Youtube interview he recorded and let everyone know why.

Users selecting public witnesses inside their wallet is a key feature. Forget what witnesses do? You are not alone, as the role of witnesses is sometimes misunderstood. This video explains the basics well.

Blockfolio listing

The world’s most popular cryptocurrency portfolio management app Blockfolio invited us to be a project for their beta Signal feature, which allows projects to push news to those interested directly through the app. Onboarding was super smooth, and we are live! Blockfolio records show nearly 15,000 people are already monitoring the Byteball project via the app, so in time this may turn out to be a useful channel for updating more people about the progress of the project.

Byteball ICO website

As you may already be aware, the Byteball platform is well suited for raising ICO funds. But our current website doesn’t provide much information about it! We recently wrote that we were developing a small ICO-only website to better highlight this capability, but it has taken a bit longer than we anticipated. It is however, about 95% complete and should be live very shortly.

New hub in China

A new hub has been set up in China, as some Asian users were experiencing slow response times from the default hub. The new Chinese hub address is:

If you are in Asia and wish to increase the speed at which you can interact with the Byteball network, updating your hub to the address above may help. It eliminates the following issues with using the current main hub from China:

  • Chat messages between two users were slow even if both users were located in China.
  • Chinese users can now have different bots that are useful only for Chinese users (the bots would not make sense for the Western world.)
  • Syncing of light wallets and interaction between user and wallet were slow.

It does not solve speed issues when interacting with bots that are connected to default main hub.

Steps to change to the new hub:

  1. Open your wallet, click the burger menu in the top left, then click ‘Settings’.
  2. Click the ‘Hub’ option and change it to the new hub address:
  3. Click the ‘Save’ button and restart wallet.

The hub has been live for around 5 days, and the feedback so far is that speeds are significantly faster for Chinese users. How much does this matter? Perhaps more than you might think!

China shows as the second most popular source of visitors to (USA is number 1). Given many users in China use virtual private networks which may display their location as being in another country, China could actually be number 1.

Byteball core team interview series

We started a video interview series recently to help the community get to know the team behind Byteball. We kicked things off with Valerius Coppens, Head of Strategy at Byteball.

Valerius thought the name Byteball sounded a bit funny so did not initially pay much attention when he first heard of the project! Watch the video to discover how he went from being ‘not interested’ in Byteball to being blown away.

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