Bytes, Folders, Tags — They’re all the same in Bytebase.

Dec 10, 2019 · 3 min read

Bytebase is a tool for team notes that’s built for speed. Everything in Bytebase is a “byte” — a short chunk of information. A byte is also a folder and a tag.

Today I want to share why we think it’s important that “folders” and “tags” are equivalent in Bytebase.

Let’s start with an example.

Taking notes on a user interview.

Suppose I am conducting user interviews. I’ll start by creating a User Interviews byte (folder) to hold my notes.

Create a User Interviews Byte to hold all User Interview notes.

My first User Interview is with Bob. I create a Bob from Hooli byte (folder) and record my key takeaways from our conversation in Bytebase.

Key takeaways from my user interview with Bob.

Organizing notes from my first user interview.

Some of my notes are feature requests and I’d like to organize them accordingly.

I create a Feature Requests byte which will contain feature requests from across all of my user interviews.

Create a Feature Request byte to hold feature requests from across my User Interviews.

To add a byte to the Feature Requests folder, I “tag” the byte with Feature Requests.

Apply Feature Requests tag.

Feature requests from Bob now live in two “folders” or locations. They live in Bob from Hooli and in Feature Requests.

Bob’s feature requests now live in two locations.

Bytebase decouples the steps of creating and organizing content. You can create bytes quickly, in any location that makes sense to start. Then apply any number of tags or “additional locations” when you get around to it.

Adding a second user interview.

Now I can write my notes from interviewing Alice. While I’m writing my notes, I don’t need to worry about organizing or following a certain structure. I write in whatever way makes the most sense.

When I’m ready, I can add the Feature Requests tag to all of the feature requests from Alice.

Apply the same Feature Request tag to notes from Alice.

One cross-cutting view from multiple interviews.

With the Feature Requests byte, I can view feature requests from Alice and Bob in one place.

Feature Requests from Alice and Bob in one place.
Feature requests from Alice and Bob in one place.

Feature Requests is a full-blown byte, not just a view. I can re-order the bytes that live in Feature Requests with drag and drop.

Organize Feature Request with Drag and Drop.

And create feature requests directly in the Feature Requests byte.

Speed + Powerful Organizing

We’ve merged the concepts of tags and folders to help you write faster and organize with more power.

Interchangeable tags and folders allow you to separate the process of writing content from organizing it, making each action faster.

Thanks for reading!

Here at Bytebase, we’re working to make knowledge sharing fast and seamless. To share feedback or request early access, please email me with Subj: Folders & Tags.


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This is the official blog of Bytebase — the byte-size knowledge base.

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