Up & up

It’s been 3 weeks (and a weekend) since Byte was brought into the world and it’s been a jaw-droppingly fun ride ever since. The creativity coming out of our community has been astounding. We want to thank you all for your time and enthusiasm, especially during this early phase when we’re experimenting together on the Byte project.

Made with Byte by Michael Shillingburg (@fancymichael)

On Friday we released V 1.1, which features a few updates and fixes, most notably:

  • Our international friends now have a country-code picker to help smooth out the auth flow. 4-digit codes for all!
  • You no longer have to be signed in to view Bytes. (Though, you can sign in anytime through the Settings gear at the top of the Activity page, or from any section that has a beautiful rainbow button enticing you to ~Join Byte~.)
  • We added pull-to-refresh on all the feed views instead of refreshing them automatically. This should help with that pesky problem when closing a Byte you were looking at only to lose your place in the feed.
  • The Starred section now sorts according to the most recently updated, so no more dizzying scrolling trying to find the updated needles in a haystack.
  • There’s music in Bytes on the web! Here’s some good listening to celebrate. (Btw, @ana_becker is an actual rock star.)

There have been newsworthy moments, as well, including Byte’s very first presidential debate! Trump’s antics were no match for the ferocity coming out of camps Llama, Lizard, Alpaca, and (Other). See the full debate here.

Over the weekend, we saw a battle of the searches. It started with a familiar Bing diss, shaking loose a mini-avalanche of remixes. Surprise cameos included Chandler Bing and Bing Crosby.

Byte music continues to astonish. Reading Rainbow joined the growing catalog of Byte covers (so thanks to the creator for that ear worm).

And we discovered that even the world of Byte is not immune to the unstoppable force of the Rick Roll.

Did you guys catch the Mos Eisley Cantina band?

🎶 We also created a way to download the music on your Bytes with an mp3 exporter. Calling all Byte developers! Observe the optional musicSrc property on Byte Posts for direct access to our hosted mp3 files. 🎶

We are SO IMPRESSED with what our Byte community is building together and we love that you’re with us. Thank you again for being your weird, loud, experimental selves, and keep the feedback coming → support@byte.co.


Team Byte

P.S. Follow us on Instagram @byteapp! We’ll be posting beautiful Bytes daily. Send a note to hello@byte.co if you see one of your creations and want a tag or mention.