Bytether opens to claim BTH now!

People are excited about BTH.

First of all, we would like to share with you some good news. There are 20 thousands of bitcoin addresses registered in the past few days, and more than 13k Bitcoin waiting to be claimed. The number is still growing exponentially

These incredible numbers surprised us of how much people excited about BTH. It exceed our expectation.

Bytether officially change CrossFork block to 478558.

Previously, we chose Segwit2x block (494,784) as the CrossFork block. Let us clarify why we chose this at the beginning:

  • We contacted a few big exchanges, they support Segwit2x and they are willing to support BTH if it happens together with Segwit2x as the maintenance and preparation cost is low.
  • We asked an independent organization to investigate users behavior with Segwit2x and the report showed a positive record in the increasing of bitcoin holder before Segwit2x.
  • We compared the cost for users and exchanges if we have two different fork blocks. It shows that it is very expensive and unnecessary to have Segwit2x and BTH separately.
  • We are alerted about possibility of Segwit2x cancelling from some team members, so we clarified Segwit2x as cross-fork block but delaying for claiming or confirm about the claiming process (step 3) until the information is cleared.

Segwit2x is cancelled a few days ago, so we have serious discussions with exchanges and we all agree to use back Bitcoin Cash block (478558) to fork as the following reasons:

  • It is convenient for exchanges to support BTH at Bitcoin Cash block as they have already snapshotted the user’s balance at that block. They can just distribute BTH easily when the time is good (honestly, most exchanges show positive feedbacks about BTH but do not want to confirm the time to list BTH until they are sure about the user’s feedback).
  • Many users have Bitcoin Cash in their wallets, so they can claim BTH easily. We did receive about 150 emails about suggesting to use Bitcoin Cash instead of Segwit2x or Bitcoin Gold as they have a lot of bitcoins in their wallet at that time and they are tired to transfer bitcoin from exchanges to wallet again and again.
  • Among about 19201 registered addresses, there are only 500 addresses which have less amount bitcoin if we choose 478558 instead of current block, so we will have plan to give early registering bird some free BTH in this case (contact us at if you registered and have less BTC amount at block 478558 than current block).
  • If we choose the current block, 13k Bitcoin is registered to receive BTH. However, by choosing 478558 block, the number is 23k Bitcoin. It shows that people kept a lot of bitcoin at Bitcoin Cash fork.

From all above reasons, Bytether officially chooses block 478558 to fork BTH now. If you have any concerns, please let us know at

Receive BTH right now.

As the block 478558 has been mined, you can claim BTH right now on our website. Please follow this instruction to claim BTH.

How about an Airdrop?

  • You can get free BTH from referral program, open this link to get your referral link and share it with your friends. Once your friends successfully claimed BTH, you will get 10% from their claims.
  • You can get up to 10 BTH from sharing Bytether to social networks. Detail can be found here

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