How to sign a message with a Ledger wallet?

The first step to claim your BTH is to verify your ownership. We need you to sign message “” with your bitcoin address. The following tutorial shows you how to do it with Ledger wallet.

  1. Connect your device and launch Ledger bitcoin wallet. Select Legacy button as Segwit address (starting with 3xxxx) can not match to the signature Ledger provides right now.
  1. Got to SETTINGS and click on TOOLS

3. Click Sign message

4. Choose ADDRESS you want to verify and type “” in the message field. Click Sign

5. When you see this message, go to your device

6. Confirm Sign the message on your device

7. Copy the text between Begin Signature and End Signature. PLEASE DO NOT COPY THE WHOLE TEXT (as the first line is your bitcoin address)

In the above photo, you signature is:

7. Copy the text and pass it to the verification form at step 2 of