Q&A — BTH Update for mid-Nov 2017

Hi all, we received quite a number of questions since we open web portal for user to claim BTH. Hence, we write this blog to answer some common questions.

1. Why is my BTH not shown?

After making transaction to claim your BTH, you should receive it in 30 minutes. However, the token you claim can not be seen on etherscan.io, you need to open your wallet and check the balance (such as using #MEW).

Etherscan only show token which is transfer from someone to you. In our case, BTH token is cross-forked, so Etherscan can not detect that as you are the first owner of those tokens. It also proves that no one (even our team) can access 17 millions BTH without cross-fork process.

If you want to check your cross-forked BTH on Etherscan, you can open https://etherscan.io/token/0xfad572db566e5234ac9fc3d570c4edc0050eaa92?a=<ether_address>, replace <ether_address> with the ether address you want to check.

For example: https://etherscan.io/token/0xfad572db566e5234ac9fc3d570c4edc0050eaa92?a=0xe56a05f32f0b893e1a9f8f1021135f3c5b90a951

2. If no one claim BTH, what will Bytether team do with the rest of 17 million BTH?

We do nothing with it as we can not access it. If no one claim it, it is there forever and it will not be in circulating supply.

3. How can we check the usage of BTH marketing and user grow pool fund?

We have access to 3 millions of BTH which is used for marketing and user grow pool. However, anyone can keep track and monitor on how we use it, it is verified and transparent.

The address 0xa81135aa1630307e52097b605791f293865a7bbc contains all of our fund. We have just made some small transactions to some people under referral program.

4. Transaction fee is too high for me, how can I reduce it?

If you don’t mind to wait longer time for the transaction to be completed, you can always reduce the gas price (optimal one should be ≥ 1 wei), so you can save a lot of money. Please do not change the GAS LIMIT, it should be set at 500000

Case 1: using MyEtherWallet. It is on the top right corner, reduce it to the number you want.

Case 2: using Metamask. Push the gas price down to the number you want