Bytewerk introduces the emWERK Platform — .Net/JSON platform for any type of self-service devices (e.g. interactive kiosks and ATMs).

This packaged development platform greatly reduces .Net or Web application development time and cost as well as ongoing operational and maintenance costs.

emWERK Platform is a platform for providing financial and information services for applications. It provides packaged functions for information kiosk and ATM that are required for development of .Net or Web applications. This enables the developer to concentrate solely on development of application, and therefore greatly reduces development time and cost.

emWERK Platform also enables the provision of information…

12 questions we chewed on…

On 25th of April 2016 Jeremy Light from Accenture raised twelve questions referring to Bitcoin and blockchain technology. As mature professionals in electronic payments and cryptocurrencies field, we found these questions very interesting and worth to be answered in details. The nature of the issues contained in Mr. Light’s questions stands out him as an expert-level specialist in the blockchain technology. We assume that he understands the blockchain controversy.

Our CEO Alexander Mochkin wrote the answers to all 12 questions in the
text below. Link to original questions follows:

Q: Assuming that implementing Bitcoin was a low cost, volunteer project…


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