Why I Will Continue Posting This Trump/Hitler Infographic Whether People Like It or Not

Catching some heat for this. Good. It’s a national discussion that needs to happen.

I will continue to post this infographic, which I did not create, because mainstream media, with the notable exception of MONTEL WILLIAMS, seems to need reminding that:

1. Donald Trump is in fact a fascist. If you think the word “fascist” is unfair and/or inappropriate because you believe “fascist” means “Synonymous with Adolf Hitler in terms of demonstrated capacity for genocide,” then we disagree about the definition of “fascism.” Here is what I meant.

See also this interesting definition.

2. Donald Trump is in fact using racism to rise to power. If you disagree, please read this.

3. Donald Trump has in fact proposed mass deportation. If you disagree, please read this.

4. Donald Trump has in fact proposed that Muslims wear special IDs. If you disagree, please read this.

5. Donald Trump has in fact promised to make America great again. If you disagree, please check his campaign slogan.

6. Donald Trump does in fact blame Muslims for America’s problems. I am an American citizen overseas. Solely because of my religion, and for no other reason, Trump wants to keep me from coming back home. That is an insult to me, to millions of Muslims, and to the Constitution. And yes, I take it personally and I reserve the right to talk about it.

If you still disagree with my conclusion that this infographic is important and relevant, please go read something else and we will both be happy.

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