The Importance Of Family (Even When They Make You Want To Jump Off The Roof)

I think we’ve all been there, at whatever age. You could be the pubescent teenager who just want his parents to leave you alone to go online and play Runescape (yes, I am completely aware that this was so 10 years ago. It’s all about LOL now or whatever it is people play these days). You could be the college freshman who doesn’t understand why her parents keep calling her every hour of every day. You could be in your 40s with your two children whose parents are still nagging you to make your house tidier.

We’ve all been there.

My parents raised us very traditionally and part of it was because my grandparents were always there too. We were always taught to treat our elders with respect, even if they are wrong at times.

When I was young, I resented this fact. I resented this traditional Chinese value. Why couldn’t I choose what I eat instead of having it put on my plate? Why couldn’t I sleep when I wanted to and just watch a little bit more cartoons? Why did I have to spend every night with my grandparents? Why couldn’t I go out with my friends? Why were elders always right?

As I grew older, it was still hard for me to accept it. However, little by little, that acceptance grew. When I got to college, my grandfather passed away. That’s when it finally hit me.

Those older than me may not always be right, but, they have been on this earth longer and have experienced much more than I have. They have a broader view of life that I can’t understand yet. They have seen much more lifes and deaths than I have, felt more joy and sadness than I have, dealt with more pains and sorrows than I have. They know more than I know.

There will be a point when you won’t be able to hear that nagging anymore. There will be a point when your parents won’t be there to tell you what to do anymore. So with yours and theirs limited time on this earth, appreciate what they have done and will do for you. Because when you get to the point that they are at now, you will understand as you will have experienced more and learn more.

But for now, treat that time with them as if it was the last.