Earth Day Quote Graphics — Free to Share!

Download all seven for free by clicking here and signing up for the Scenic Route Newsletter.

Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd! It has always been an important holiday to me and I want everyone to be able to take part however they can.

Here’s How

I’ve chosen some meaningful quotes from a few folks you may have heard of and turned them into graphics that anyone can share whenever they want. All of these people at one point in their lifetime felt a need to educate or spread a message to the human population about the importance of conservation. There are seven of them total and they are available to download for free by clicking here and signing up for The Scenic Route Newsletter.

Enjoy ❤

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If you’d like to share these on your website or in your social media streams, you can download all 7 of them by clicking here. The package includes graphics sized for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Other Ways to Celebrate and Help Protect our Planet

Just to Name a Few… Earth Day Network | Natl Park Foundation |The Wilderness Society | Greenpeace | DemandClimateJustice | Friends of the Earth | The Climate Group | Cool Earth | Earthjustice | Do The Green Thing | Nature Conservancy | Conservation Guide

I Want to Thank Unsplash

Without this inspiring community and all of the contributing photographers much of my work would not be possible. Thank you for allowing everyone to share and use these beautiful pictures of our planet, Mother Nature and other works of art. Click here to check out Unsplash’s website.

By and By

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