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I don’t really know what to think, I have been gaining followers on Medium in the last few days completely out of the blue. My account has been inactive so it’s not like there’s a reason to jump on the bandwagon. I’m assuming most are essentially automated followers when people connect their Twitter account to follow accounts of people they follow.

Regardless, it seemed silly for me to not try this out. I am going to cross-post my blog content here. Cross-posting generally sucks but Medium is recommending publishers use the API for it and I can’t be bothered to write separately here. We’ll see how it goes.

I like my own blog because I control the content and I control the coding. I’m a developer — I hack stuff. There’s a tipping point, though. If this can offer better traction, improved readership or social interactions then I could move here full-time. The same way I happily use Twitter, despite not owning it, because the value of Twitter far exceeds anything else of that ilk.

I’ve heard on the grape vine that the Medium web editor is super-good. Writing in it for the first time now, I’m already annoyed by it. When you select some text, a black formatting popover immediately appears above the selection. It obscures the sentence above so I can’t read what I just wrote.

Also, when I’m quickly correcting typos just using quick keyboard shortcuts to select the last word, I have no intention of complex formatting. Medium assumes I do though — so now I must endure a flash of black UI every few seconds.

The line width is also very short. You don’t want it spannign the whole width of the page window but this is ridiculous. I think you should be able to read more than ten words at a time without having to exercise your eyes’ horizontal muscle movements. I’m also finding Medium’s em-dash interpretation to be frustrating as I stare at the last sentence in the previous paragraph but the editor is being stubborn and there is seemingly no way to change it.

Frustrating. I’m already regretting giving this a shot but whatever. Just follow me on Twitter, okay.

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