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Bezalel Gidey
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My Name is Bz Gidey Founder of BzCapitalConsulting and I’m here to tell you the top 3 reasons why credit can and will save you thousands of dollars in financing and business funding for your business which can make or break your trucking business.

  1. Better Rates on Financing

There are a lot of ways credit is used by private banks. They are used to determine your interest rates, term length and down payments.

Here’s a look at 2 financing programs for startups that we offer:

Start Up Credit Program Guidelines rates: 14.50%-19%

• Min Fico: 625

• Min $100K Net worth

• Requires 25% down payment

High Risk Credit Program Guidelines rates: 19%-35%

• No min FICO requirement

• Start ups- OK

• Truck no older than 9 years old

• Requires down payment 20%-40%

• Can use the equity in other equipment or real estate

Interest rates can be anywhere from 14.5%-35% depending on what your credit scores are. Down payment can be from 20%-40% and your credit becomes overlooked and they start looking at your net worth and revenue from your job.

2. Qualified for Larger Business Lines of Credit

We work with 7 figures funding to provide 0% interest business lines of credit. Credit requirements are required and we look for credit usually above the 650s with credit usage under 30%.

  • Personal Credit — with a 680 or better credit score, on time payments and at least a decent sized credit card, you can qualify for $15k to $150k in 0% Business/Personal credit lines/cards at 0% for up to 18 months.

3. Business Funding is More Accessible

National Corporate Credit is a great company that can get you funding for your startup trucking business that we go to often. You can get Hundreds of thousands in funding but your credit will have to be above 680 with a good payment history.




Best for specific, one-off expenses like purchasing inventory, refinancing existing debt, or opening a new location

Best for ongoing operating expenses, such as payroll, seasonal expenses, unexpected costs, or as an emergency fund


$25,000 to $500,000

$10,000 to over $1 million

Interest Rates

7% to 30%

7% to 25%


One to five years

Six months to five years


Origination fees, packaging fees, prepayment penalties, and more may apply

Draw fees, inactivity fees, withdrawal minimums, and more may apply


-Over three years in business

-680+ credit score

-$300,000+ annual revenue

-Over one year in business

-630+ credit score

-$180,000+ annual revenue

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Bezalel Gidey

Bezalel Gidey is a motivational speaker, Author, Writer, Eritrean-American Entrepreneur, Branding and Marketing Leader and Founder of BzCapitalConsulting