The strongest quantitative algorithm: AIMD, which will increase the return on digital assets by up to 48.5%

Bz Cash
Bz Cash
Jun 9, 2018 · 2 min read

Quantitative trading, also known as algorithmic trading, is a tool for trading investments based on instructions set by computer programs. Quantitative trading on the basis of mathematical statistics and mathematical modeling, using computer technology, from the vast amounts of historical and current data, unearthed can bring excess return big probability way of trading, as investors avoid the artificial process of mood swings the negative effects caused by the irrational decision making.

With the progress of technology and the development of mathematical model of quantitative investment and algorithmic trading in digital asset market fast development, and a qualified quantitative trading model, system must have a powerful algorithm, based on the trend of the economic meaning of clear judgment or arbitrage principle, further systematic and procedural abstraction, presented in the form of logic is a set of complete order process and logic control scheme of the executable.

AIMD (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Deep) algorithm, are among the most outstanding essence BZcash platform of computer mathematics algorithm, it assembled ai (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning, Machine Learning), Deep Learning (Deep Learning) three features, the use of powerful computer processor for big rules data operation, modeling, scene test, Learning and memory, etc. As an important decision the brain, quantitative trading session adopted in machine learning: linear regression, logistic regression, decision tree, vector machine (SVM), a bayesian model, regularization, model integration, such as neural network algorithm structure. The parameters can be adjusted, the big rule prediction data can be used for learning and growth, and finally the best policy model products can be adjusted for the use of a large number of platform users.

Unlike other areas of artificial intelligence, AIMD algorithms are more focused on the use of digital assets in scenarios. Its characteristic engineering consists of manual training, learning training and self-diffusion. In the process of digital asset trading, its calculating operation rate and decision-making rate are far more efficient than human brain.

BZcash through AIMD algorithm, to the mathematical theory of clever blend into the actual combat of the investment transactions, and in the relatively faster time to gain market and perform a large number of orders, to achieve the common way to trade is difficult to obtain the profit space. It is predicted that AIMD will increase the return on digital assets on the original basis by up to 48.5%, which will undoubtedly become one of the strongest quantitative algorithms in the future.