BZEdge Status Update Feb 4, 2019

We are making progress!

The BZE team has been working hard and is excited to present this quick overview.

  1. BZShares is progressing and details concerning participating projects are being gathered. The purpose of this project is to build trust within the community. The system will be undergoing further testing and will be released as soon as possible — most likely within a few weeks.
  2. BZGate is the wallet system that TradeBin needs to operate. We have delivered this software and are testing it with them. The TradeBin team is currently working on design and user experience. We will postpone the BZGate release until we have a fully working system. This is our main focus at the moment.
  3. We have help for Sapling, and its development will start soon. This is an important milestone for us. ZEC did an awesome job with this update.
  4. A new explorer is up and we invite you to track transactions and blocks with a new design of our insight explorer:

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