27 Must-Have Apps You (Probably) Don’t Know About
Product Hunt

Sorry to sound sour and overly critical, but this article should be titled “27 well-known apps you probably don’t know about because you’ve been living on Mars last few years” ;)

I didn’t learn about these apps from Product Hunt, but it seems to me that PH thinks that the readers are on the level of admiring Evernote as the best todo app out there. LOL.

Not everyone has time to track apps down, but seriously..

Magnet? Been there for years, yet I still prefer to use a free alternative called Spectacle (mentioned in this article).

Rescue Time? Also old-timer, and many alternatives exist.

Bear? You have to be kidding me if you think that people don’t know about it.

Gyroscope? Anand Sharma has been sharing his ideas and early prototypes at least 2 years ago. For uber geeks.

Workflow? Maybe useful, but for rare actions. Who creates PDFs on the iPhone?

f.lux? I should have stopped reading here…

Alfred? I really should have stopped reading here…

Grammarly? Yeah, that’s a new kid. Finally something for the dyslexic.

Bartender? Have you been smoking weed for last 5 years?

Spectacle? At least few solid years on GitHub.

DarkSky? Gimme a proof it’s better than other 84173241234 weather apps.

MailToSelf? Gosh, have you heard about text replacement in iOS?

Divvy? Just use Spectacle.

Butler? I don’t quite like extensions to web apps, but it might be useful. I didn’t know it — point for you!

Atlas Recall? I’ve read the description and watched the “explainer video” and still don’t get it why would anyone want to use it. Another point for you :)

Droplr? Please, it’s not 2012 anymore! Besides, use Jumpshare, because with Droplr you get a nice cap — 10 files per month… unless you want to pay monthly.

Caffeine? It’s not 2007 anymore. Come on.

Viral Loops for Startups? Maybe, but I thought you were talking about useful apps, not targeting startup crowd.

Pushbullet? Now that is what I call a useful app. Cross platform and solving real problems. Finally an honest point for you.

Boom? Only for masochists who listen to music via Mac speakers. Point for you.

Paste? Overengineered app which unnecessarily takes half of your screen and will be a memory hog. Use something simpler, like ClipMenu (free) or Pastebot (paid).

Blinklist? Point for you.

Day One? You’re smoking too much weed. Everyone knows it.

Point? Honest point for you. Nice one.

Mapstr? Well known. But now with Google Places, available from web…

Morning Reader? I prefer Panda.

ShadowBid? Chrome extension, not really an app.


Few new apps here, and few nice ones, but next time, please do your homework before putting 10 year old apps into an article in 2017.


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