Donald Trump Sociology

  • On what basis does Donald Trump’s Charismatic Authority rest? 
    His basis of Charismatic Authority rests on his Slogan, “Make America Great Again”. One of his stances is to “End corporate taxes. Lower individual rates. Consider a one-time tax on the wealthy to pay down the debt.” This is not just a plan for the big and rich, this is a potential plan to bring back businesses to the United States and to get people back in jobs. This was taken directly from his websites. Another one of his stances was to stand up against career politicians to start getting the corrupt people out of office and start letting America take back what is the American Citizens.(

On what basis will his Rational-Legal Authority rest?
Honestly, Trump really isn’t going to understand the Rational-Legal Authority. That is why I feel he is surrounding himself with people who do understand and have been in office at one point. If you take a look at a few of the positions he has already filled they are people who have held an office at one point, also for the defense positions they are current generals of the armed forces. He may not understand the process but he will be surrounding himself with people that due. (NBC News)

Do you think that his behavior/beliefs will changes a result of his transition from charismatic authority to rational-legal authority?
 I believe his behavior will change as a result of his transition from charismatic authority to rational-legal authority. I feel Donald trump is a very smart person and will surround himself with people who understand what is going in in the political issues, and also what is going on with national policies and procedures.

Charismatic Authority-
The appeal of a charismatic leader can be extraordinary, and can inspire followers to make unusual sacrifices or to persevere in the midst of great hardship and persecution. (Openstax, Page 379)

Rational-Legal Authority-
In this type of authority, power is vested in a particular rationale, system, or ideology and not necessarily in the person who implements the specifics of that doctrine. (Openstax, Page 379)