Unit 5 post

Honestly, I already live my life very differently already. I love hunting for my food. When I go out hunting, granted I’m not doing it just to stay alive but I’m doing it actually to save my family money. This is a very good skill set I have learned over my life. As well as fishing. When I lived in Minnesota there was hunting or fishing season most of the year and very few times of the year I could not shoot something or catch something. This is how I was raised. Also I did learn a lot of survival since my grandfather taught me how to plant my food and live of the land and what It can produce. So this is just a fact of life that I always have dealt with.

There are many different pieces to society that are better and worse than before. This is actually a part of being human. We see something happen or something play out in front of us and as humans I feel we take what just happened and try to modify it. Some things that could be much better are food quality, pollution, and overall wellbeing of individuals. Some of the things that I sometimes feel should go back to the way they were before is the technology, many kids now days don’t understand what it was like to have to play outside or actually communicate with people and the heads down on the phones. This is the biggest fix society can do. Like everything there are pros and cons to technology.

The type of alienation that I picked was the Alienation of others, the one example that stands out the most was, when I was a line cook in a restaurant. I also worked for a union in this particular situation. This one was solely based on seniority, no matter how hard you worked the more senior people where the ones that got the raises and bonuses and better shifts. This is one reason why unions are horrible. Also if you didn’t get there in time to pick your shifts during shift bid times you would have to wait until the end of the day to pick your shifts for the rest of the year. This is a very demotivating type of environment.

My biggest status and most proud status is husband, and father. This is my favorite and this status is what means a lot to me. Basically describing me in a few statues I am educated, medically retired e4, full time student, full time worker, athletic and also busy. These statues are mainly achieved by my favorite status is an ascribed status. This is a very tricky topic because is a father earned or is it something we have no control over. I feel this is one of those statuses that one cannot explain.