This chapter was very interesting, I did not really know much about what sociology was before I read this chapter. My favorite idea/concept was from Karl Mark, his idea stated, “ Communism is an economic system under which there is no private ownership: everything is owned communally and distributed as needed. Marx believed that communism was a more equitable system than capitalism.”(Chapter 1/Intoduction to Sociology. (n.d.). In Sociolgy 2e (p. 12). Houston, TX: Openstax.)

Communism is not a good society to live in, im guessing since the government has all control. I feel like our society is slowly switching to that since every day our government can make rules and laws that we have to follow even if they are written into the constitutional right and that are something that our forefathers have made something that we live by.

This is a very interesting comment to me because there has been a few times some conversations that I have been in sometimes. Talking about how this country is being ran and how things have to change. I do not agree with the communism but in his comment in this same page he explains how the government is going to be overthrown. There are times now I over hear many people talking about how others could run the country much better then the people in both the house and senates. Also, how it is just a joke how they treat our country.

I had to read this chapter a few times since it was very wordy and I didn't understand much the first time. The second time picked up on some of the other ideas and concepts that some of the others had. The meaning of things also was a very impressive stance and idea. I it made me think what my meaning of things was and I could not really answer that. So, sat and talked with my wife and we decided we were going to agree that the meaning of things was based off of your life experiences and past environments.