Samuel Arbesman, Zavain Dar, and Bilal Zuberi
Lux Capital

We live in a complex and fragile world. Whether or not you recognized this before a few months ago, our pandemic has made this fact inescapably clear. This crisis has exposed the delicate character of our modern world. It has shown our research, development, testing, manufacturing, and distribution supply chains to be brittle, non-resilient, and too centralized. …

Marc Andreesen wrote an essay last week that has captured the zeitgeist at least in SV, and in the tech community broadly. The “It’s Time to Build” essay is likely to be remembered, discussed, and cited as much as Marc’s last seminal essay “Software is Eating the World.” In fact, Ben Thompson at Stratechery has already published good analysis and comparison between the two, and discussed some salient points related to shifting from building software-only businesses to those that build our physical infrastructure.

Marc emphasizes in his essay not only the need for building what we lack, such as better physical infrastructure, healthcare system, transportation, housing, energy use, etc…but that we must also want to build it. That want has to come not only from inventors, founders, and investors, but also from society at large. …


As a child I used to sometimes wonder what World Wars looked like? People in every country dead/injured? Repurposing of factories to build war goods? Conscription?

In that context, what’s happening TODAY is so absurd! I never wanted to be in a world war. But here we are. 🤯

Billions of people are in quarantine SIMULTANEOUSLY. Think about that.

War sirens might be missing but the entire world is surely at war. People are scared to come out because they think they might catch the infection, or pass it to someone who might die because of it.

Medical staff is operating in some places in makeshift hospitals and tents. …

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