Big ideas lie somewhere between ‘a little crazy’, and ‘totally crazy’

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You have to be at least a little bit crazy to imagine the future 5–10+ years out. It’s a fine line between ‘a little crazy’ and ‘totally crazy’. And straddling that fine line are some of the most amazing entrepreneurs. And VCs who end up wining big.

The biggest outcomes in tech are likely not going to be companies that seem obvious today that every VC and hedge fund you know is chasing…but those where smart, prepared minds had a POV to believe early…those ideas early on feel a little out there, but man if they work…

Even in very…

It is January 6, 2021. What a shameful day for America. Traitors and terrorists invaded the Capitol while the entire Congress had gathered there to certify electoral votes. They disrupted proceedings, vandalized the building, and threatened a coup. As so many people said, this day will be remembered by the young generation the way many of us will never forget 9/11 — America was attacked today. By domestic terrorists.

I am angry today. And also very sad. But frankly, I am more angry than sad. I am angry at all the people who elected a racist, sexist, fascist President in…

Samuel Arbesman, Zavain Dar, and Bilal Zuberi
Lux Capital

We live in a complex and fragile world. Whether or not you recognized this before a few months ago, our pandemic has made this fact inescapably clear. This crisis has exposed the delicate character of our modern world. It has shown our research, development, testing, manufacturing, and distribution supply chains to be brittle, non-resilient, and too centralized. As economies came to a sudden stop, supply chains spasmed and failed. Meatpacking plants that closed in one state led to meat shortages across the country. Supply chains historically providing wholesale food to restaurants…

Marc Andreesen wrote an essay last week that has captured the zeitgeist at least in SV, and in the tech community broadly. The “It’s Time to Build” essay is likely to be remembered, discussed, and cited as much as Marc’s last seminal essay “Software is Eating the World.” In fact, Ben Thompson at Stratechery has already published good analysis and comparison between the two, and discussed some salient points related to shifting from building software-only businesses to those that build our physical infrastructure.

Marc emphasizes in his essay not only the need for building what we lack, such as better…


As a child I used to sometimes wonder what World Wars looked like? People in every country dead/injured? Repurposing of factories to build war goods? Conscription?

In that context, what’s happening TODAY is so absurd! I never wanted to be in a world war. But here we are. 🤯

Billions of people are in quarantine SIMULTANEOUSLY. Think about that.

War sirens might be missing but the entire world is surely at war. People are scared to come out because they think they might catch the infection, or pass it to someone who might die because of it.

Medical staff…

Enterprise ML/AI to become explainable, understandable, transparent, and ethical

By Bilal Zuberi and Brandon Reeves

At Lux Capital we frequently talk about directional arrows of technological progress — technological trends that may be hard to time but are inevitable. There is a clear trend in machine learning and artificial intelligence, that is, machines are making more decisions on behalf of consumers and enterprises. The first wave was web recommendation engines, such as what movies to watch on Netflix, or what Ads and posts to show you on newsfeed. The next wave is happening today around automation; e.g. …

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Lux Capital was fortunate to be early investors in Qasar and Peter, partnering with them when they first started Applied Intuition. They are the type of entrepreneurs VCs aspire to be invested in. Since then, every time I meet them I am blown away by their clarity of thought and purpose, focus on their customers and execution, and quality of the team they are building.

This is why we were super excited to double down on our original investment when they decided to raise a $40M Series B, which they are announcing today. …

Powering the Edge of the Enterprise

Billions of enterprise and industrial IoT devices are getting internet-connected. From manufacturing plants and industrial operations, to trucking and mobility solutions, energy production facilities and retail operations, there are small computers all over the world (called nodes or devices within the industry) that are running various applications, and are fast becoming internet connected in one way or another. These devices location at the outer edge of our networks form what is called the cyber-physical edge.

Unlike the highly streamlined operations inside data centers, there is a wide variety of devices at the edge (ranging from small open source hardware running…

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I did not want to do an end of year post, but here I am…there are no remarkable insights here, but rattling off some thoughts to freely share, and get feedback.

2018 — Looking back:

  • What company will rule tech sector for the next few years? In the last 20 years we have lived through eras when companies defining them seemed invincible, and capable of entering any space and winning, and dominating broadly…until they were not. We have moved from a Microsoft-era to Google-era to Facebook-era, to now Amazon-era. In each of these cases, the companies defining them had cash-cow…

Lux Capital co-led Series A of Nozomi Networks in October 2016, and has been a major investor in every round since. Company’s growth and commercial traction since then has been nothing short of outstanding, and I am proud of my partnership with Edgard, Andrea, Morena and the rest of the team towards success we have seen to date. So its not a surprise that Lux is doubling down in a $30M round of financing that Nozomi is announcing today. Our US co-investors include GGV and Energize VC. Our significant European partners and investors include Planven and THI.

Nozomi Networks is…

Bilal Zuberi

Partner at Lux Capital. Investing in entrepreneurs inventing the future. I like tacos and café lattes. bz at @bznotes

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