My Future

Hi everyone, this is my first blog post ever, just practicing some writing skills and goal writing.

My plan is to create a website using online resources to amass a following of people who will follow my self development journey as I learn and summarize online courses and travel the world. I will build trust with my audience and recommend programs that I will market to them through an affiliate program. Eventually, once my following is great enough, I will create my own online information product and launch it to my tribe.

Today is day 1, the easiest day of all of them, but I am committed to building the life of my own design. I will have to learn a massive amount of new skills along the way, I will fail an uncountable number of times, but at the end of the day, I will be getting closer to my desired outcome, each and every day. This is post #1, my next post will be tomorrow on this site until I finish designing and building my permanent blog/website. In the mean time, here are my goals (literally the first time I’ve ever written my goals out… oops… better late than never!)

Here are my goals:

I have my own blog that I post in every day.

This blog site will follow my journey of self development and my transition from working a full time “big boy” job to being fully independent earning my money online.

In 6 months from today, 11/14, my business will be earning me $2000 per month, allowing me to quit my other job at that time.

In 18 months from today, my online business will be earning me $6000 per month.

In 36 months from today, my online business will be earning me $20000 per month.

Until next time, friends!

Brayden Zoucha