About everyone has a differing opinion about the times we are in right now; I’ve never seen…
Nealie Rose

The reason we have never seen anything like this before is because we have never been so careless in our elections before. We have never before elected someone who sanctioned and promoted hate in such a flagrant manner. We have never before elected a known sexual predator who believed it was his privilege to violate women. If any of the other candidates presented by the Republican party would have been elected, liberals like me would have been frustrated and disappointed. We would not be reacting as we are to Donald Trump, though. The hatred unleashed by his election has necessitated a strong protest response. If the protest was not desired, then perhaps a different candidate should have been elected. Since other candidates were eschewed by the electorate, then this is what they get. It will be sustained. As long as the power of Donald Trump reigns, a strong and loud protest will result. I am glad I made the trip to Cleveland. It confirmed my convictions.

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