Winning life back from Sinusitis and Tonsilitis

Most of my childhood ,I was living in rural India because of my father’s job and obviously I had dusty and humid environment around me.At the age of nine I started having irritation in upper respiratory areas (Read:Nose,throat,Wind pipe) and increased discomfort in night. I was diagnosed with Tonsillitis,sinusitis and bronchitis(Sigh!!!)

And then began the doses of anti-allergic,bronco-dilators and what not!!! Not to mention their unending side effects. All the above only gave temporary relief and none of them cured me completely. I was always sneezing, having sore throat and frequent bouts of hay fever. Due to this I was laughing stock for my family and friends, they thought I was some kind of hypochondriac . This happened all the way through my teens and youth.I tried all kinds of medicine (Allopathy,Homeopathy,Naturopathy and what not!!) but to my surprise nothing helped. Anti-histamines,Steroid inhalers and nasal decongestants where my eternal companion in my school bag,camping sack and all the places.

A chance encounter with ENT specialist who was also a Yoga practitioner changed my life. He introduced me to few Yoga remedies for upper respiratory diseases like “Jal Neti”aka”Nasal Irrigation”aka”Nasal Douching”and Gargling .At first I was very skeptical of these methods because they sounded too simple for my problems( Thank god I was Wrong!!!). He told me to do Yoga Breathing exercises (Pranayams)or any cardio-vascular exercises at least 4 days a week for 45 minutes a day with Nasal Irrigation once a day and gargling with plain water 4–5 times a day. I used internet to learn/research and clear my doubts and found out these age old practices help to drain any allergens or micro-organisms from upper respiratory parts. Nasal Irrigation cleans nostrils and sinuses and gargling clears areas around throat which is is breeding ground for all infections.

I won’t say my all problems are solved but with minimal medicines ,avoiding infection causing environment and proper exercises ,my quality of life has improved wonderfully. Now I can enjoy life without frequent episodes of tonsillitis,sinusitis and other upper respiratory tract infections.

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