A job interview is like a romantic date. Here is how you can charm your way into the job of your dreams.

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The interview pitfalls are endless. While everything in your resume may indicate that you are the right person for the job, just a wrong phrase, or even a word, is enough to ruin your effort. The hiring manager will remember the blunder and not the sales you (claim to) have made for your previous company.

Avoid the following phrases, and everything will go well.

“So, what are you guys doing here?”
If you do not know the No1 interview rule, you better not show up at all. …

High intelligence is probably the worst thing that can happen to you.

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According to a popular myth, smart, intelligent, and multi-talented people can only succeed as entrepreneurs.

But as Carol Roth describes in her book The Entrepreneur Equation, the more qualified and talented someone is, the harder it is to manage an organization effectively. When you think you are better than everyone, you do not trust anyone. And when you don’t trust anyone, you’re scr**ed.

“I am better than all of them”
Many smart and capable people are reluctant to share their workload with others; they don’t trust anyone, they don’t delegate, and they end up doing everything. Thus, the organization can only do as much work as the boss can do on his own. …

Twitter is a treasure of valuable information but can be a toxic and unbearable place. Here is how to make the best of it.

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Image by Pexels from Pixabay

We’ve all been there. We started tweeting (some years ago), hoping that we entered a brave and sane new world where we will find like-minded people to share thoughts and ideas, find valuable information, and even make some friends.

Instead, we found an online hell. Twitter is a toxic environment where people go to torment other people; fake news is rampant, and extreme views spread unchecked.

Twitter has tons of useful and valuable information. But you must know how to unearth it under the mud. And it’s worth it.

Follow (pun intended) these tips, and your Twitter experience will vastly improve.

The simplest way is right inside your Medium app

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You are a Medium writer. You want the broadest possible exposure. You submit to publications. But how can you know the actual number of followers of each one?

Opening each homepage and trying to get a number isn’t always successful, many publications don’t reveal the number of followers. Smedian can be a little complicated; it requires many clicks until you find the information.

-These are the Search Results from Medium webpage when you enter “1 Infinity.” No numbers whatsoever.

My overnight –moderate– success can be your inspiration. Here is how it worked for me.

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Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

My very first Medium article was immediately double-curated, and the largest publication snatched it straight away.

My third ever Medium article was double-curated too, and the same publication asked again to feature it.

Five out of my six first articles got curated. And it was only my first week. I was in heaven!

Well, that did not last.

My next 8 articles went uncurated, and my frustration hit the roof. I pulled myself together, and I reminded me that when I started writing here (August 15 this year), I put the bar at $100/month on the 6th month. …

Studies show that attractive people are more successful in business. Society thinks they don’t deserve it. But they fall for them anyway.

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Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels

“You, with your good looks, you had it very easy.” I was interviewing a renowned author and translator, and I asked him why some people seem to be overtly liked by others. Is it some like of charisma?

“People tend to admire better versions of themselves,” he told me. “And a good-looking person is what they want to look at, to do business with, to hire, to admire or love. If you have a pretty face, it’s much easier to find a job, to be accepted in a group and to succeed in life.”

I was fully aware that good-looking women have an advantage in the work arena (only because males are willing to hire them instead of equally qualified persons). Still, I hadn’t thought than men can have a similar advantage too mainly because I knew that I did not have it very easy. …

My 7 step guide on becoming a prolific writer in subjects you’re totally clueless

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Photo by Alena Shekhovtcova from Pexels

One of my best-received articles ever was about cigars, written for a highly specialized magazine. I knew nothing about cigars, I’d never smoked one, and I was utterly clueless about them right until the day I took on the assignment.

Five days later, I delivered a story so well-crafted, informative, and inspiring, that they accepted the article and hired me on the spot. I never told them that five days ago, I could not tell the one end of the cigar from the other. They congratulated me, and I got paid.

Over the years, I’ve written hundreds of articles for printed magazines and online publications…

It’s as simple as knowing my ETA

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Photo by Avinash Patel from Pexels

I hate sitting in traffic. It’s not just a waste of time. It’s a brutal reminder that, despite all the knowledge and all the progress, humans are helpless victims of their own success.

We can’t control traffic. You may have the perfect pitch for a client or a date with a beautiful person or a chance to grab early tickets to a concert. You have planned everything, and you have already imagined the desired outcome. And then you’re stuck in a traffic jam.

Anxiety is fed by uncertainty. Not knowing my ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), would raise a million worries: How much time will it take? What if I won’t make it on time? What about parking? …

“Trial and error” is hardwired in our brains. Every mistake takes us closer to our true selves.

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“My dog is a genius, he jumps and opens the door,” my friend said proudly. But all her dog did was to use the most basic and ancient natural method of learning: Trial and error. After numerous jumps and attempts, he found exactly how to jump and what to pull. He may have failed a thousand times, but now she calls him a genius.

Humanity used trial and error to climb down from the trees and climb up the skyscrapers. …

Your imagination only flourishes if you feed it with raw materials

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Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels

Imagine you’re a cook and you want to make something delicious. First, you gather the ingredients, everything you can find. Then, you think about how you can transform these ingredients into a beautiful dish.

The dish is the idea. The ingredients are your research. Whenever we think of something new (a new recipe, a story for our book, a new product, a sales promotion, a handcrafted item), we first think of its parts.

If you have your material in front of you, then your imagination will find a way to combine them into something that makes sense or works.

Research is the mother of creativity

Writer’s block, stagnate business, and low sales have one thing in common: You don’t know what to do next. Sometimes, everything seems so complicated that you even think of quitting. Don’t despair. You didn’t run out of ideas. You just used your original ideas to their full potential, and now it’s time to take the next step. …


Kostas Farmakis

I write for the living for the past 30 years. Expert in digital life, tech and traveling. Currently learning code and stand-up comedy. Don’t know my endgame.

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