Chris Harrison
Jul 22, 2019 · 1 min read

Overall, I love this article and concept. But I really can’t get behind this:

“We had so many high value business features waiting in the product backlog. How would I justify the cost of implementing Hystrix to our business sponsor?”

If adding Hystrix was just a fun project for the developers and added no value then there is absolutely no reason to do it at all. If on the other hand, adding Hystrix massively improves the internal quality of the product then it does not need justifying. To me, it’s akin to saying: ‘my engineers really think we need to put some foundations into this building but how would I justify the cost to our business sponsor when there are so many high value business features waiting; like the walls and roof?’ Just because it’s not visible to non-technical people doesn’t mean it’s not vital to the success of the product.

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