Cultural Difference.

. A few items of note. Read the signs they are somewhat funny, but very true to the world here.

. Spray toilets are (as the sign notes) incredibly pleasant. As pointed out by my dear friend, If you have experienced child birth and hospital stay, they are common and quite nice.

. Sex workers are common. Prostitution is illegal in Thailand, but tolerate because money talks.

. The exploding butt confounds me as well, but the picture kind of says it all.

You often see people wearing surgical masks in SEA countries. Many people think this because everything is the plague and people are protecting themselves from death. This is, in fact, a misconception. Masks are worn by individuals when they are feeling sick or think they may be getting sick. It is actually to protect those around them, not the wearer.

. Grammatical and spelling errors. I will not apologize for any of these items. I will also not apologize for use of off color language. I am often short on time, and don’t have time to abide by the grammar police. There are also few substitutes for a good expletive every once in awhile.

Mai pen Rai. Chang ghao. Night all.

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