What Story Have You Been Telling Yourself About Who You Are?

Your self-image won’t be found in the house you live in or the cars you drive.

It won’t be found in your spouse or children.

Your self-image is not about where you work and how much money you bring to the table.

Your self-image won’t be found in self-help books or articles.

You won’t find it on instagram, facebook, or twitter.

Your body and its’ appearance is not capable of showing you who you really are.

No amount of savings you have in the bank, your wardrobe, or the number of degrees you’ve obtained in your life are responsible for your self-image.

No amount of drugs or alcohol can change how you feel about yourself.

Compliments and likes will temporarily make you feel good about yourself, but without social media who are you really?

Self-image is not about anything external. It’s about what’s inside. The things you tell yourself when no one is listening.

Your body and sexuality will fail you every time if your looking to them for direction about who you are. It can’t and never will be found in the physical.

If your perception of who you are is based on anything external, it is not an accurate perception. When all the external things disappear, who are you at your core?

What kinds of things do you tell yourself?

How do you love yourself?

What do you see when you look deeply into your very own eyes?

How you perceive yourself is directly related to your life. When images of yourself come from a place of love and acceptance opposed to a place of judgment and ridicule, your life will reflect it.

It will mirror back to you the very perceptions you hold about yourself.

What story have you been telling yourself about who you are?