What are some of the current trends around contemporary branding?

This year has been a really interesting one in terms of company re brands and seeing what certain bigger companies are doing to ‘refresh’ their brand.

I really liked all the design trends that took off this year, some of my favourites being 90’s style photography, isometric logos, bright colours, minimal design and gradients. I feel like a lot of companies incorporated these trends well to further progress themselves as a brand.

What I actually found quite fascinating is that a lot of companies have refreshed their branding to a more retro version of themselves. The reason I say I’m fascinated is that the question at hand is ‘what are current trends around contemporary branding’ and this is funny as the current trends are retro flavoured designs. Does that still make it contemporary even though its a new take on a retro look? Well yes. If a company like coca cola brings back a logo from 40 years ago it creates this greater level of trust.

A lot of what has come out of current successful trends relies on authenticity and simplicity, these are two key trends. Hence why companies like Natwest have looked at branding from their 1968 guidelines and refreshed it to become more ‘contemporary’.

1968 (left) 2017 (right)

People want a company they can trust and feel confident that there experience will be the same time and time again, and bringing back an old look enforces trust on the consumers as it shows you have been around for a long time.