Is it still worth it?

I’m now beginning to lose interest in what I do. It’s always been the same routine from Monday to Friday and there’s no element of surprise or challenge.

I would love to see something different every day I go to work, but, nothing’s changed. It’s the same computer, the same tasks, the same hot chocolate flavor, and the same environment.

I can now say that the BPO industry is not my cup of tea. In my opinion, it will never be. There is no career growth and there are a few opportunities to proceed to.

There’s no reason to continue to venture into this firm (I’m still waiting for the year end bonus and the sick leave conversions). Perhaps by April, May, or June next year I can pack my bags and leave the yellow colored office.

Well, provided that I can find a new job where in I can grow, prosper, and enhance my skills, where people appreciate my work, and there is room for improvement.

I salute people who are so into the BPO industry. Kudos to you.

I don’t want to be a slave anymore. I want to contribute to the world. I want to travel to places. I want to have my own office table, own computer, and lots of paper works, writing instruments, and to get to explore the horizon ahead. Of course, provided that I am well compensated and the salary equates the work load given to me.

Also, I don’t want to sacrifice my studies, hence, I am hoping that I can get a new job where there are fixed weekends off, holiday off, an eight hour work day, and near my home.

I, still, can do this.

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