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Software developer in the marine industry — Technical writer and Flutter enthusiast — Happy user of Apache CouchDB and big fan of the .NET Framework
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  • CORS configuration
  • Server-side sorting
  • Server-side paging
  • Hosted via Nginx (as a back proxy)


Dart SDK installed

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  • Versioning
  • Authentication
  • Error handling


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How to bulk query SQL Server

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Preface — Advanced_datatable

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First things first

  • Describing a system and UI/UX architecture designed to focus on mobile usage pattern and viewport sizes
  • Doesn’t have to be a native App, it can be applied to web solution as well
  • Depending…

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Before we start

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First things first

How to get your team to stick together

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Tips to help improve team performance

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Let Your Everyday Data Work for You

Christian Muehle

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