How to use Google Spreadsheet as Admin Interface for your Firebase project

  1. googleapis library is used to authenticate and write to the spreadsheet.
  2. Http onRequest trigger is to enable writing from Spreadsheet to cloud functions. Learn ways to call cloud functions here.
  3. Cloud functions Firestore onWrite :=> onCreate, onUpdate & onDelete trigger is to prompt when to write to the Spreadsheet.
  4. Google apps script onEdit/onChange simple trigger is to prompt when to write to cloud functions. See other triggers you might need.
  1. Create the spreadsheet and copy the id.
  2. Create a cloud functions trigger that prompt writing to the spreadsheet
  3. Create an HTTP onRequest trigger to call the cloud functions from Google apps script
  4. Use Google apps script simple triggers.
1. I assume you have a firebase project and you know how to set up cloud functions, if not read here and here
2. If not already done, enable the Google Sheets API and check the quota for your project at You may need to enable billing
3. Install the Node.js client library by running `npm install googleapis --save` in your cloud functions code
4. Read this to get an idea on how to achieve (2) and how to utilize some of the sheets APIs exposed by (3)

Note: If you plan to run this from another environment other than cloud functions, ensure to read about using OAuth 2.0 to access Google APIs here
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firebase function:config:set
  1. Customer bids for products in an e-commerce catalog
  2. User documents or credentials uploaded for approval
  3. User account or content flagging requests
  4. User role change requests etc.
You can send slack or email notifications from cloud functions. See examples here
On deploying the newly written functions, a URL is generated for the HTTP onRequest trigger, which would be used by Google apps script to write back the backend




JavaScript and Laravel Enthusiast. Everything Firebase. I love to help Devs. Twitter: @ChukwumaNwaugha

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Chukwuma Nwaugha

Chukwuma Nwaugha

JavaScript and Laravel Enthusiast. Everything Firebase. I love to help Devs. Twitter: @ChukwumaNwaugha

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