(Exchange & Bet)

IXIRCOIN is a platform that builds the future with its investors. While present solutions offer solving a single problem in one go, we have developed a product that is safe, fast and easy to use as the team. This system will be the platform that aims to use the exchange market simultaneously with the betting market.

Both of these markets account for the highest cash volume of the online market together, and the highest rate of growth prospect in the future.

The main aim of ICO process is actually to build our own portfolio and to end high commission fees of the exchange sites in the market. We also provide %100 reserve protection insurance fund for our customers who are in the exchange.

Players who want to play bets will only be able to make their payments after conversion into ixircoin terms. No matter which currency / crypto currency the commission fee is in, the system will convert them into ixircoin as soon as these conversion operations are approved. Only 0.1% commission will be deducted from the account as a matter of conversion, since it will be processed like a “taker”.


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