2020 Trump Loss is not the End

Let’s just say for arguments sake that Trump loses his reelection after the democrats surge in 2018 and 2020. Will this be the end of extreme right wing politics? If it was, I would thank Jesus Christ and beg forgiveness for my atheist failings, and promise to be baptized again to wipe away my sins. However, the likelihood of the alt-right going away is pretty slim.

Think about it. Why did they rise in the first place?

After Bush initiated the biggest downturn since the Great Depression, people were extremely angry. However, people didn’t put the blame on Bush. Instead, many connected the downturn to Obama.

People began to believe that Obama was giving privileges to minorities and prioritizing undocumented immigrants, who were supposed job stealers, even when nothing like this was occurring.

Given how uneducated and uninformed the general electorate is, Trump tanking the economy will not easily convince people that the right is at fault. Additionally, if the economy goes under and people start losing their jobs in mass, do you believe that people are going to be more rational or more extreme.

My bet is extreme.