Are We Still Shocked?

As I look at the video of Keith L. Scott being killed, I am told by journalist and friends that the video is shocking. I understand what they are saying. I understand that another person’s life is taken away by police officers, who are more willing to rescind their protection because of Kaepernick than to ensure that civilians are not being killed senselessly. These events trouble me, yet I am not shocked.

I was shocked the first time I heard of a white man killing a black boy for looking suspicious. I was shocked when I saw a black man chocked to death on camera and when a police officer tossed around a little girl because his ego was hurt. I am not shocked when officers kill a person who is armed, unarmed, resisting, compliant, running, standing, young, old, male or female. I am not shocked because my expectations of the police are so low. I would argue that most people’s expectations are extremely low as well, because being a decent human being, like playing a basketball game with children, is seen as exceptional when it really shouldn’t be.

For these reasons, I dread the next video that shocks me next.