Black Lives Matter and Guns: A Call to Disarm

When I look at the North Carolina protests, I see another protest that will get little done. This is not because the protest is unjust, but because the people and systems in place are resistant to change. Eventually, the anger from this protest will dissipate with very little accomplished, yet the frustration of this fact will lead people to yearn for more organization and precision. The 21st century will have new leaders and organizations that resemble the civil rights era.

While the coming of these brave leaders is needed, I wonder what they will advocate for, because I do not believe we have seen the single idea that can mobilize a nation. Everything from body cameras to community policing appear to be half measures that do little to impact staggering statistics like approximately 1,000 people being killed by police a year.

The idea that will manifest will be broad reaching and easily understood similar to suffrage and desegregation. My hope is that this idea will be deescalation by restricting police and civilian access to firearms. This plan is feasible, as demonstrated by countries like Japan, Australia, and Britain, as well as multi purposed.

Restricting police and civilian access to firearms will make it more difficult for police to murder, for criminals to murder, and even positively effect other areas such as domestic violence and suicide. While I do not believe this disarming will completely eliminate such problems, this action will undoubtedly save thousands of lives in a relatively short period of time. If one can connect this idea with such a motivated movement like BLM, there could possibly be historic progress within the United States.