Strategy “Bernie Sanders”: Advocate for Liberal Values

After the Democrats lost on Election Day, there are many people giving suggestions for the left: reach out to white voters, get outside of your bubble, etc. This is stupid, bullshit.

Republicans have won a campaign speaking not only to their base, but to the most extreme element of their base. They won even though the majority of people espouse liberal values on matters such as gay marriage, weed legalization, minimum wage, a path to citizenship etc.

Therefore, why should candidates lean right to attract more votes when all the potential is on the left, especially when leaning to the right could undermine the base’s. enthusiasm. I do understand that voter suppression has been hurting the left, gerrymandering is a huge problem, and that many minority groups, younger individuals, lower income communities have a lower propensity to vote than right leaning constituents , so there is more work to do. However, the Democratic Party should fight that fight.

Liberals should stick to their guns (no pun intended) and heavily push the most popular parts of the Democratic platform. Consistency will allow Democrats to deliver an easily digestible message that people can get behind. With this type of emphasis and clarity, the left can then can explain more complex issues like the importance of trade agreements and how certain military conflicts are unavoidable when powerful countries want to expand their territories.

Therefore, Bernie Sander’s strategy to speak loudly and clearly about liberal values is ultimately correct. I’m not saying that he would have won in the general because that is a hypothetical with almost no means to test accurately. I’m also not saying that a Bernie Sanders presidency ultimately helped Democrats. Gridlocked could have marred progressive values and reduce Sanders to a Jimmy Carter.

However, Bernie Sanders is correct at this point in time. We should not run from liberal values right now, but wholeheartedly embrace them.