Out in the United States: Where Can I Live?
Gloria DiFulvio

Can someone “choose to be gay/bisexual?” Tbe answer is yes as I learned at UC Berkeley from a professor who was honest with me about her sexuality. As long as LGBT are honest about this fact we can be honest about what LGBT “rights” mean. Furthermore, the cost of same sex “marriage” is economically more than normal <GASP> marriage.

Until we can have this discussion openly without someone screaming “bigot” or “racist” at me publically we will never have a fair debate. When your family can do this in the open I welcome it to the table to break bread. Until then however you will face discrimination and fear. Even after our discussion you may continue to face these things as I have everyday of my life for bring physically different. This is life; welcome to it.

There is no way to stop other people from disliking you for what you are or choose to be. Even more important, it is not always appropriate to socialize the costs of my choices. I am happy to bear the difference as this is the price of true diversity and tolerance. Asking others to validate and accept our differences is not always desirable. Sometimes it is the most selfish thing we can do.

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