Silicon Valley’s Unchecked Arrogance
Ross Baird

The irony. Silicon Valley is one temblor away from being nothing more than polluted orange groves without trees. Furthermore, they do not need to look to Flint, or “somewhere else” to see people who cannot make ends meet, loot at San Francisco, where years of horrible policies by people born in the echo chamber have destroyed the city I once loved.

Like all cities and innovation centers, the grace of the Gods shall move its fickle aye to the new exurbs along with revitalizing areas nationwide and even worldwide. The problems that they are musing about in smoke-filled Prop 215 hookah dens will solve themselves with or without the hubris of the lucky ones.

The majority of jobs created in the USA are by small businesses for ordinary peoole. I took my business away from $ilicon Valley and am gratefully prospering without its stifling groupthink. Though I do miss the tribal knowlege of the latest technological innoviations I will never miss its oppressive pathological politics.

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