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With the DeFi narrative growing in strength and Eth2.0 looking like it might arrive by next year maybe you’ve decided that it’s time to figure out how this all works. I did a small data science project on Ethereum recently and for some reason decided it would be more fun to not use any of the web3 libraries. I had a lot of trouble finding some of the information I needed so I’ve collected some of it below so that I can hopefully save you some time or maybe just help you learn something new!

Let’s say you want to query all the event logs for a smart contract in a certain block range. I’ll be using CryptoKitties as an example for this article. If you don’t have an Ethereum node of your own you can get access to one from Infura for free. …

I submitted an app written in SwiftUI to the App Store yesterday. It was the most infuriating, hair pulling, head banging-against-the-wall experience of my life. Also, maybe Swift really is the best language?

Let me rewind a bit. Three years ago I came across this idea called Fractal Music Composition. Basically you take the 8 letters of the musical alphabet — A, B, C, D, E, F and G, map each to another sequence of these 8 letters, take a starting sequence of letters and recursively replace each letter with it’s mapped sequence for as many iterations as you want.

Now you have a musical composition…


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