Why Do We Hurt the Ones We Love?
Professor Jennifer Hurley

Conflict is necessary for healthy relationships. It tends to lead to defining moments that strengthen or weaken the connection created with a loved one. I’ve found that most people truly voice their dissatisfaction only when it is towards a loved one. This is most likely because we have allowed these people to become part of our unfiltered lives. We feel the need to bring up issues that taint the relationship, in hopes that change will take place. Relationships become toxic when communication ceases and words are left unsaid. This was the case in the story “A Temporary Matter”. Shoba opted to keep to herself after the death of her child, though she was not the only one linked to the tragedy. Had she communicated her feelings with Shukumar earlier, their marriage may have been spared the days of awkwardness that followed. Shukumar seemed to give up on Shoba at some point, and decided that it was her responsibility to return back to her normal state. This created an unhealthy bond between the two that could not be sustained.

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