Hiding Within A Mask
Kayla Romero

Hey Kayla,

I really enjoyed the way you analyzed the characters on a deeper level, forming a conclusion regarding their emotional statuses. Currently, I am taking an interpersonal communications class. Recently we touched on the topic of emotions, including the masking of them. Surface acting is the term used when a person is conveying a false set of emotions. It’s purpose is to allow an individual to comply with their presenting self. Tomas needs to present himself as a tough gangster in order to sell his dogs off as guard dogs, though it may not be who he truly is.

I believe that there is nothing wrong with putting on a mask for the public, as long as you are able to keep consistent morals. Not everyone needs to see the real you, nor do they deserve it. Should conflict arise between personas, the mask is unhealthy and must be dealt with. Tomas illustrates this perfectly when he refuses to give up Buster. Both of his selves lined up to make a satisfactory decision.