2nd child

Being the second child, I would argue is the best spot for a child to be in. Being a second child myself, I have had a lifetime of experience to justify this. As the second child, you have all the perks of the oldest child without being referred to as the experiment, or given the responsibility of being the example. You learn from your older sibling how to best please or approach your parents, avoiding a lot of groundings your older sibling had to go through. Being the second is the best, only if you’re not the youngest. The youngest gets stuck with the stereotypes of being spoiled or high maintenance. They are titled the baby of the family even when they are a grown adult. As the second child you can exceed the standard set by the oldest or create a new identity for yourself.

. As the second child you also have the experience of compromising with others both older and younger than you. You still get that leadership opportunity, but don’t have to wonder what would it be like if I had an older sibling? As a girl, you get free clothes through hand-me-downs, and someone to help you with dating advice. Depending on the age gap, you get to have a extra chauffeur to drive you places, except this one plays good music loud and makes the car ride fun. Because I had a sibling only a few years older then me I felt like I got a glimpse into the next stage of my life whether it was: middle school, high school, or college before it actually happened. Nothing comes second to being the second.